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A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. With all features you expect it to have to make the best reading Bible experience ever.

We believe The Bible deserves a good looking, stylish and beautiful designed app, and this is what we just did. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are already using our Bible app to make God's Word a part of their daily lives, to share their favorite verses or to simply relax listening while the app reads for you.

Download it now and you will have your bible everywhere you go, it does not required Internet connection.
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Latest reviews from the users

  • [2014-08-06]
    It is the best bible for a phone
    - User
  • [2014-02-11]
    This is NOT a King James Bible
    - Joseph
  • [2014-02-08]
    This by far is the gesture bible app yet. I say this simple because it can be used offline and does not only have KJV for reading. It is the only app that lets me copy/paste text instead of having to share. ...I use to copy versus a lot. When I copy a verse it grabs the verse before it. When I copy, lets say, verse 1 - 10, it pastes verse 1 - 11. Some verses have missing words (Acts 2 - 20).
    - User
  • [2014-01-28]
    It was good at first then it would stop in mid sentence and go on to the next verse and you can't read it that way please fix
    - User
  • [2014-01-26]
    God but not the actual words
    - Uziah
  • [2014-01-22]
    Its the best bible app I've ever used I love it keep improving it and don't be afraid to put ads in your ap
  • [2013-12-29]
    Great app good that it does not require an internet connection only finds book and chapter NOT verse thanks for making it available
    - User
  • [2013-12-20]
    Easy to use, hope that NLT version is added thanks
    - User
  • [2013-12-16]
    Best version and bible ever made
    - User
  • [2013-11-24]
    Finally an app that doesn't involve the use of the internet!!!!! (: this is the best bible app! Its easy to understand and you don't need the internet !!!!! Great! Five stars :D :D :D
    - Jessica
  • [2013-11-20]
    Rocks and it's amazing I love it has every book in the bible
    - karla
  • [2013-10-16]
    - User
  • [2013-09-23]
    - User

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